Is this the time for Halla Bol!

The picture of travel and tourism industry doesn’t seem to be as glossy as it looks. If we intend to go deeper we find that every day many agents are either incurring huge losses or are threatened by the online offers or are shutting down their shutters. In this scenario, the question is, are the online portals eating up the business of the agents who are doing business the conventional way? Is it an ethical way of doing a business where one section of the travel and tourism i.e. the online portals is doing pretty well despite making profits, whereas the tour operators are not able to compete with them, as per few tour operators. Let’s have a look.

halla bol

Sudipta Saha

‘Ethical’ is a big word in itself, the meaning of it doesn’t stand as simple as its pronunciation. Today, ethical is really losing its meaning, not only in regards to travel and tourism industry, but also in other verticals. The online portals are taking away the business of the tour operators which is being claimed by many of the tour operators these days, and Ethical Tourism Policy has become a buzz. Let’s first understand what ETP is and why this initiative has been started by a group of tour operators. Online travel portals which are armed with large foreign funding are squeezing hoteliers for lowest possible rate and have brought almost a monopolistic situation. They are in a way abetting unethical practices in the travel and tourism industry. Many Tour operators have to shut shop and many are on the verge of closure because Tour operators are not able to compete with the heavy discounting by portals.

But, is anybody making money in the process? The answer is, none! The whole beneficiary in this game of price war by travel portals is direct customer. The ARRs of hotels have gone down drastically, and the offline agents have literally swept out of business because OTAs sell inventory lower than their purchase price to kill the competition. Most of the tour operators want a permanent solution, else they will be forced to shift their business options, says the member of ETP group.

The group firmly believes that hotels should play the role of a principal and product supplier and frame rational sales policies for the tourism industry. The group basically wants to stop hotels to offer attractive special rates to offline or online tour operators producing results for them. All what they demand to hotels is to have strict ethical tourism policy. Firstly hotels should allow portals to discount the rates only on B2B portals and B2C portals should display selling price set by hotels.

The ETP under this model aims at benefitting the hoteliers as well. It says, hotel’s ARR will increase as discounted rates are not displayed and dot coms will be making better profits and will not squeeze hotels for lower rates. As the price war will be resolved, it will be create better profits for the hotels. It also states that hotel’s direct customer will not have any complaints from the hotels as display rates on portals will be higher than nett rates quoted to portals. This will result in gaining the confidence and enhancing hotels credibility amongst direct clients. Since discounted rates are going to be only b2b portals and display rates on b2c portals, travel agents, tour operators will be more loyal to hotels. Hotels will get their bulk sales from Dot Coms as tour operators will be routing their business through their B2B portals.

When it comes to portals, the ETP promises that they will also be benefitted. Since on b2c portals clients will see only selling price and will either book directly or will come through a tour operator. In both the options portals will be benefitted. If clients book on display rates, portals will make more profits, if client comes through an agent which again route his business through portals because of the heavy discounted price on the portals. So portals are getting benefit either ways. Portals will get a loyal team of professionals (i.e tour operators) with no cost which will further enhance their business as tour operators will provide personalised services to all clients. As of now they have to hire team and have that liability of paying them on monthly basis. One customer probably comes to portals may once or twice a year for his booking. But if agents start making profits through portals then probably each agent might be able to give two to 10 bookings a day resulting in maintaining or enhancing the high turnover model of the portals with better service standards. Portals can create their own team of loyal professionals (agents) at no cost and still be able to maintain their turnovers. This will probably convert into a model where agent’s offices can be claimed claim their own offices by portals and can provide all service of offline as well, such as payment collection, personalised services, etc, through the local agents of the specific locations.

The movement obviously intends to provide benefits to tour operators, affordability and easy access of technology at no cost using the portals for bookings. Else agents will have to spend crores of rupees which hardly anyone of the tour operators can afford. An ease of business will be created as portals will do all spade work of contracting and will upload on b2b where tour operators have just to login and conclude the booking procedure. Tour operators are running from pillar to post to get wide range of hotels and keep negotiating the rates will be reduced as portals will do all the contracting that too on a special discounted rates and with incentive schemes by portals. Agents will get their customers and profitability back as clients do not have excess to b2b portals and can see the common display rates on b2c portals only set by hotels.

ETP, a war between offline and online, better to be termed as a movement, is a step to bring in the industry i.e. hoteliers, portals and tour operators together and work as a team. The tour operators are on a verge of losing their business and concerned with the rising demand of online. It is important for all verticals of the industry to follow certain ethical practices so that interests of the industry as well as the clients are safeguarded.

What is (ETP) Ethical Tourism Policy?
ETP is not against any portals or technology it’s not about online vs offline, many are confused, rightly so as industry is going through transit. The aim of the policy is to use technology for the benefits of all industry partners in fact ETP welcome technology and suggest all members to adopt the technology for its better use. Under ethical tourism policy, hoteliers to stop only these few portals which are using their dominant position of having excess funds to under sell (selling even below their purchased cost) b2c portals to have common display rates (selling price) set by hotels. As many hotels could sense brand diluting by not getting the same profile of guests due to this under cutting of price by using different means of under cutting, discounted coupons, advertisement budgets etc.
ETP is against ‘Predatory Pricing’ which is illegal under CCI, (Competition Commission of India) Predatory pricing the act of setting prices low in an attempt to eliminate the competition. Predatory pricing is illegal under anti-trust laws, as it makes markets more vulnerable to a monopoly. Therefore Govt., allow 100 per cent FDI for market place with riders of predatory pricing, these OTAs must regulate else purpose of ETP is to approach govt and force regulation of such practices.
As of now it is a price war in our Industry, whereas the service standards have gone down drastically in the absence of respectable margins due to price war created by few OTAs. Market has become so vulnerable that news of defaulters and cheating has become very common which is not a good sign for any industry.

TTJ Feels
Ethical Tourism Policy is the new buzz in the tourism industry, where the online travel booking is taking over the conventional system. Well, we all will agree that today is an era of technology which has made everything easy and convenient. Online booking can be trouble-free, but often booking holidays through it cannot give a pleasant experience. Whether, it is tour operators, hoteliers or portals, all are the elements of the same industry and they should welcome the change as well as it is a high time to work as a team, and not step over each other shoulder to climb up the success ladder. We feel, all three should come together in order to offer better service to the consumer which in future will definitely lead to expansion and economic growth. The ‘price war’ should be resolved and better understanding amongst the hotels, tour operators and portals should be developed.
ETP is a great initiative, in order to save the dying business of the offline agents, but is a bunch of people enough to drive the mission. The answer is ‘NO’, if the entire industry is facing crisis, then it’s time to be united, come together and convert the movement into mass movement.

The elementary motto to maintain and enhance service standards

DoubleTree by Hilton Agra, hilton, hilton hotel, hilton hotel agra, hilton hotel in agra

In the heart of Agra is located DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Agra offering breathtaking view of the legendary monument the ‘Taj Mahal’ from the pool area, and convenient access to Agra attractions such as the Agra Fort, Akbar’s Tomb and Sadar Bazaar. TP Sreejith, General Manager, DoubleTree by Hilton shares more with TTJ.

This elegant Agra hotel provides the ideal setting for business events, social gatherings and memorable weddings. A 3,840 sq. ft. Grand Ballroom connects to an open-air pre-function area. Features include the 1,820 sq. ft. Coronation Room; the Concourse, a multi-function hall; two boardrooms; a 24-hour business center; contemporary A/V facilities and creative catering. Sharing on how the property did in 2015 and what are the expectations from 2016, Sreejith shares, “We did an average occupancy percentage for the year 2015. However, since 2016 would be our second year of operations, we are anticipative to do a much better business this time around,” he further adds, “Of course, there are challenges for occupancies. Majorly it is the pricing. The competition is not amongst just tier I but also coming up are newer properties in the tier II and III, vying for the same target audiences.”

Today the business has more challenges than just buildings. To sustain and enhance the revenues, more has to be input into the property. Tier II and III segments challenge the market on contemporary pricing and lower overheads. A successful revenue generation is to ensure that the ‘quality of life’ for the customer becomes exemplary during the stay at the property. With the increase of challenge there has been a wide demand of a smart workers but what is the current need of the industry ‘hard workers’ or ‘smart workers’. Commenting on the statement, Sreejith says, “As with any kind of workforce, the elementary motto is to maintain and enhance service standards. Thus, today we need ‘smart workers’, that are adaptive, multi-functional and raring to go.”

“DoubleTree by Hilton Agra is one of the very few hotels with Taj View Rooms. Our product and service standards are in line with CARE (Creating a Rewarding Experience) culture. It is also located minutes from the legendary mausoleum, The Taj Mahal,” concludes Sreejith.

ADTOI Convention 2016 – Bringing in new hopes for a brighter tomorrow

The heart of India ‘Madhya Pradesh’ invited the Association of Domestic Tour Operators, in the land of temples Khajuraho to host their 7th Annual Convention, which was organised amidst the presence of key players of domestic tourism. The theme of this year’s convention aimed and revolved around ‘Domestic Tourism: Billion+ Opportunities’. Innumerable topics and issues were discussed during the two day convention, now what is awaited, is the plan of action. A report.

adtoi members, adtoi

What would have been a better place than Madhya Pradesh to organise a convention of Domestic Tour Operators, the people who actually knows India by heart and project them to the world, influence the world to come and witness the grandeur of the country. The 7th ADTOI Annual Convention-cum-Exhibition was organised from April 9-10, 2016 at Hotel Ramada, Khajuraho, MP.
The first day of the convention took off on a very high note in the august presence of Shri Nagendra Singh, Member Parliament, Khajuraho as the Guest of Honour; Shri Vinod Zutshi, Secretary Tourism, Govt of India; Dr Venu V, IAS, Secretary, Govt of Kerala; Smt Kavita Singh, President, Nagar Panchayat; Tanvi Sundriyal, Addl MD, Madhya Pradesh State Tourism; Jyoti Kapur, President ADTOI; Sanjay Agarwal, VP & Convention Chairman; Anurag Agarwal, General Secretary, ADTOI; Subhash Verma, Immediate Past President & Convention Co-chairman. According to Hindu mythology, any auspicious ceremony is commenced with a Ganesh Vandana and thus following the ritual, the convention was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp followed by Ganesh Vandana.
India has a wide range to offer from the Himalayas to the back waters of Kerala. The modern India needs to be experienced and explained for a better visibility. Through this convention ADTOI is taking a step forward to promote domestic tourism in the country. Why MP as a host state? Madhya Pradesh today is a leading state and is working hand in hand with ADTOI. While addressing the gathering, Shri Nagendra Singh said, “I am happy that ADTOI decided to host their convention in Khajuraho. Our Honourable Chief Minister Shri Shivaraj Singh Chauhan is very much keen on promoting tourism in the state. There is lot of opportunities in tourism sector, it not only helps in generating employment but also contributes in the development of the country. I would not go in numbers that how many people visit India every year but would rather focus on the small countries which have developed themselves and are receiving healthy number of travellers.” Tourism is one such sector which deals with many issues, few of them are connectivity, roads, and airport connections. There is a need to emphasis on building good hotels, security, cleanliness and improve mobile connectivity as well.
Adding on, Dr Venu V in his address mentioned that the association is doing pretty well. I have watched Madhya Pradesh very carefully and they have placed their future very firmly and marketed themselves for a brighter tomorrow. He further said, “We are talking about the biggest, but it’s time to harness the domestic tourism. If you think of future, then it lies in hotel bookings, if you have knowledge you will remain in the business and ADTOI is the right forum.”
Shri Vinod Zutshi congratulated the team ADTOI for their 7th Annual Convention and for hosting it in the temple town Khajuraho as it will boost the local tourism. He further in his address highlighted the initiatives which the Ministry of Tourism is taking and laid emphasis on the regional connectivity which in order will increase the traffic in the states. Apart from this, he also stressed on the 24X7 helpline recently launched by MoT, Swach Mobile application, etc. Ministry is going to play a major role in the promotion of domestic tourism and the Ministry is working towards creating a seamless connectivity, online payments, online license, etc.

adtoi members, adtoi


Day 1
The first session of the day was focused on ‘Domestic Tourism: Managing the next billion’. There is a major change in the thought process these days. Festivals such as Japan Literature Festival have been able to act as a major catalyst to attract tourists to the destination. We need to change as per time and create euphoria which proceeds to be a major attraction. The country is huge and each destination is unique, there is a need to enhance experiences and create experiences as well. During the session, it was also discussed that the need of the hour is to ‘create ideas and what extra edge can be provided’. Travelling now has changed, as it was five-six years back, niche tourism products are really doing wonders. One of the speakers also mentioned that all of us need to work collectively and together, whenever dealing with clients an extra edge needs to be provided. And minutest of the things should be taken care of in order to travel smooth. Well, the other speaker emphasised that wedding today is another major key player and it’s huge. Weddings will always give opportunity, so there is a need to build the market in order to promote destination wedding. Through this session, the gathering was enlightened on how to manage business; management is all about what we have today. We need to constantly innovate and keep allocating resources so that the old and new business thrives together. There is a need to specialise by market or by products or by services.
On the other hand, it was also discussed that unlocking the potential is also very important, such as forts and palaces can be converted into heritage hotels. Conservation and restoration is equally important. Another key elements are unlocking the market, think of new ideas, issues needs to be discussed together, capacity building in the hospitality sector. Think literally and then create a product.
The second session was on ‘ETP (Ethical Tourism Policy)’, an issue of price war. Online travel portals which are armed with large foreign funding are squeezing hoteliers for lowest possible rate and have brought almost a monopolistic situation. Many tour operators have to shut shop and many are on the verge of closure because tour operators are not able to compete with the heavy discounting by portals. The session was actually a debate between the operators and hoteliers.
The third and the last session focused on ‘Strategy Startups-The future of Domestic Tour Operator’. Today everyone is going online and travel has become special, personalised and experiential. Transparency is missing in the sector. The tour operators should realise that they are not selling deals, they infact are selling dreams. There is a need to create product or a story around it, which gives an insight of the place and helps attract travellers. The day ended on a very high note and exchange of knowledge.

Day 2
What appealed me most on the second day was the topic ‘Desh Dekho Desh Khojo’, which actually sounded quiet interesting. I would rather have thought of flipping the words and would not mind making it Desh Khojo Desh Dekho. But the idea behind this was to listen to the stories of the eminent travellers who have actually travelled and have been able to find out those small little interesting things which can be sold in the market and would rather attract visitors. India is a huge country, no doubt in it, but can we imagine this huge country apart from forts, palaces, sanctuaries and other tourism products. It also has many such interesting aspects which if projected in the international or domestic forum will make a huge impact. So whenever you are on roads try seeing your own country from a different perspective and then offer it to the world.
Some conventions are only discussion based, some are a knowledge sharing process but the 7th ADTOI Convention was mix of fun, networking and dialogue sharing. On one hand the city of temple in the heart of India, on the other some really good speakers, one could hardly find such combination where work becomes fun.

Vikram Madhok elected as Chairman of PATA Industry Council

vikram madhok, chairman of pata industry council, pata, pacific asia travel association, pata industry council

Vikram Madhok, Honorary Treasurer of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) India Chapter has been elected as the next Chairman of the PATA Industry Council for the term May 2016–17. In addition to assuming this global responsibility, Madhok will also sit on the PATA Executive Board. Madhok has had an illustrious career and over the years specialized in luxury tourism and hospitality.

He has served on PATA India Chapter for over 20 years and was also the Chairman of World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) India Initiative. He has also held important positions like President of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (NI), EC Member– IATO & several other positions.

Delhi Tourism Ministry to launch ‘Brand Delhi’ in 2016

kapil mishra, delhi tourism minister, tourism minister

Shri Kapil Misra, Tourism Minister, Delhi, is a young, dynamic, enthusiastic and full of ideas. He talks about Delhi; he feels it and envisions taking Delhi to greater heights, by boosting its tourism in its various aspects. Just in six months of taking the charge as Delhi’s Tourism Minister, he has strategically picked out the small elements and through them is working towards achieving the larger vision he has for the state. In 2015, the Delhi Tourism Department was fairly dormant, however, he plans to change the same and bring in many new initiatives giving Delhi Tourism the much needed push. He shares his plans for 2016 exclusively with TTJ.

Sudipta Saha

2015 was not an unusual year for Delhi in terms of tourist flow in the state; it has been an average year. But one improvement which has happened in the year 2015 is that the networking of Delhi Tourism Department has improved, which has been an achievement. Earlier what use to happen was that tour operators were working on some other activities and government was taking some other initiatives and the connection between both were missing. We have started emphasising on relation building and even on policy making; we are taking feedback from the tour operators. For example, Delhi didn’t have any Tourism Policy earlier, so we are in the process of making it and it are on the final stage now. This particular stage, I will name it as a foundation stage, we can’t accept a dramatic result in the moment but, atleast we have started working in a positive direction which for sure in the years to come will give an encouraging outcome.

Key highlights of Tourism Policy:

The policy will carve out an overall overview including what significant approach we will be taking to encourage tourism in the state and in what direction we will be taking it. What will be our vision and what kind of facilities will we provide to tourists coming in the capital. At present the scenario is that, tourists coming in the capital often get lost and do not know where to head towards. So, we are developing quiet many tours, mobile application and are also upgrading our website. We are also in the process of opening up tourist information center. So, first of all, we have shaped our larger goals and now are identifying the small components with the help of which we can achieve the vision we have set.

Vision 2016:

2016 is going to be a year of events for Delhi. All the big events are coming to Delhi. Already we have seen Zubin Mehta, A R Rehman, everyone year after years have came to Delhi and performed. We have changed the event organising policy and are also giving a single window clearance. We are also planning Delhi Festival at massive scale in the month of February 2016, which will later on become an annual event. We are also planning few major events on the banks of Yamuna River. All the major events will be coming to Delhi and this will be the year when we will launch Brand Delhi. The first phase of marketing Brand Delhi campaign nationally and internationally will also start. This is going to be a very interesting year for us. We are also working on certain ideas, few logos or symbols or products which one can identify with the capital. At present we are working with Delhi I Love, running a campaign on Twitter, taking feedback from people. Yet, we have not taken any concrete decision. Definitely, there will be symbol, punchline, and a whole marketing exercise will be done for Delhi.

Reviving unknown heritage sites:

There are around 200 heritage sites which are unknown and are reviving many of those. We also have an archaeological section in South Delhi, which have never been maintained. We now are putting all the records online which are approx 10 lakhs pages. We are also planning small tours to these heritage sites and around 100 walks these not so known sites and will also launch several walks such as food walk, history walk, etc. For this we are looking for partners, several NGOs have come forward, there are other commercial organisations and others such as FICCI, CII are coming forward. It is going to be a mass exercise where so many people are coming forward.

Other initiative:

We are going to brand the food heritage in old part of Delhi. People are already going there and experiencing it, but it is not well managed and promoted. There are some food walks in the southern part of Delhi which we are going to initiate in the coming two months. Apart from this, other major issue is to deal with touts in the airport, railway station and bus terminal area. There are also many fake tourist information centers. These touts does not allow people to enter Delhi, the moment they land wrong information is passed on to them saying there is a curfew or strike in the city and take people outside Delhi. We have reports and I have also written to Delhi Police Commissioner and Lt Governor to organise a joint meeting with Delhi Police and Tourism Ministry. There are many FIRs and need a corporation from Delhi Police. We are also changing the DTDC website and it will be dynamic and interactive website and will also launch Delhi Tourism on Twitter and Facebook.

Promotional plans:

We are in touch with people who have organised Singapore Festival and Mumbai Festival and we are learning from. We are also connecting all the events which we are doing in Delhi. So with the launch of Delhi Festival you will see the change. Without any initiative people are coming to Delhi and would like to visit Delhi despite of any negative feedback. Earlier there was no strategy there and if they were doing any events, there was no long term strategy behind it. We need to have an action and we are working on a long term policy and strategy and once we roll it out in February 2016, you will see that we have a plan.

It’s 2nd innings with The Resort- fall in love all over again

It’s 2nd innings with The Resort- fall in love all over again, senior citizen packages

Senior Citizen Package
Relive your day of love with the most delightful experience at The Resort, Madh-Marve, Malad Mumbai. In a homelike atmosphere, you can spend all those desired moments here which you perhaps missed in your early life. The Resort offers an exotic Senior Citizen Package, customized for you and your loved ones. Located at Madh-Marve in Mumbai, ‘The Resort’ is a luxury beach resort, a getaway located on Aksa beach facing the Arabian Sea that assures their enchanting best for the nature lovers. Enjoy pristine luxury and relaxation in The Resort exotically designed rooms for just INR 7,999 on Double Occupancy for Standard room and INR 8,999 on Double Occupancy for Delux room and invigorate yourselves with a bracing stay-cation at The Resort.

The package includes a non-alcoholic welcome drink on arrival. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Buffet in High-Tide Restaurant. Complimentary Wine and Cookies. Use of Wi-Fi in Rooms and Hotel areas. Complimentary use of Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Cycling, Swimming, Badminton Courts and Spaces*. The package also includes complimentary pick-up and drop facility for pre-paid bookings. Overall, ‘The Resort’promises you a decorous lifestyle in a lavish, rejuvenating and secure environment. And what’s most unique is the fact that you can have all the fun within the city limits.

According to Mr. Satyajit Kotwal, General Manager of The Resort, “2nd Innings is a gift for senior citizens- a child can gift his or her parents and has nothing to worry from transport to food and stay. We have had inquires wherein guests were interested in staying at The Resort, howvere commuting was an issue and that’s why we thought of having an all inclusive package”. Hotels have monsoon and festival packages, but we have never had any stay packge specially designed for senior citizens to meet and suit their needs, he added.

Terms & conditions associated with the package:
• Offer valid from Sundays To Thursdays- Check IN-12 Noon, Check Out-10:00 Hours
• Applicable for couples falling within the age group of 60 years and above
• Age Proof mandatory at the time of Check-in

Buyer confidence in Fiji remains high

Fijian Tourism Expo, Buyer confidence in Fiji remains high, Fijian Tourism Expo 2016, Fijian Tourism Expo, Buyer confidence in Fiji remains high, Fijian TourismBuyer confidence in selling Fiji as an aspirational destination for business and leisure travel remains high, after Tourism Fiji closed registrations for international buyers and travel trade media for the third Fijian Tourism Expo (FTE) to be held in Denarau next month.

FTE 2016 has attracted over 160 international buyers and travel trade media and a number of them will be selling Fiji for the first time, specifically from long-haul markets which are now more accessible with Fiji Airways’ opening up the Singapore route.

Fijian Tourism Expo, Buyer confidence in Fiji remains high, Fijian Tourism Expo 2016, Fijian Tourism Expo, Buyer confidence in Fiji remains high, Fijian Tourism

The recent devastation caused by natural weather events has not deterred quality buyers from Fiji’s traditional, new, and non-traditional tourism markets from as far as Italy, Pakistan, Spain and Sweden.

“Buyer confidence in Fiji remains consistently high and this is evident after Tourism Fiji received 148 buyer and 14 international media confirmations to attend Fiji’s premier tourism industry event,” Tourism Fiji’s Global PR Manager, Ms Patricia Mallam says.

“The last two months have been challenging for the tourism industry but we at Tourism Fiji have kept our guards up and continued to work behind the scenes to bring in the best people from all over the world to be part of FTE 2016 for the benefit of our industry and its stakeholders,” she says.

The international buyers and media are qualified by Tourism Fiji’s Regional Directors based in Tourism Fiji’s key source markets and in consultation with Fiji Airways, the Platinum Sponsors of FTE 2016.

“The programme for the three day expo is custom-made and prepared based on the feedback from participants in the first two event. It is kept compact to enhance B2B opportunities, promoting a win-win situation for everyone attending FTE,” Ms Mallam says.

She adds that FTE 2016, “will offer enormous networking opportunities during the evening networking events for connections with peers within the industry, decision-makers, buyers and exhibitors from all over Fiji.”

FTE 2016 will be held at the Denarau Island Convention Centre from 3-5 May 2016.

SriLankan Airlines organises event in New Delhi to promote tourism

SriLankan Airlines organised a gala event in New Delhi recently to promote Sri Lanka as a tourist destination.

Picture 1

The event at the ITC Maurya was attended by cricketer Kumara Sangakkara, the airline’s brand ambassador, and Jacqueline Fernandez, the Sri Lankan beauty queen who is making a name for herself in Bollywood. Mr. Subhash Goyal, Chairman STIC Travels Pvt Ltd was also present at the event. STIC Travels holds the GSA for SriLankan Airlines in India, along with various other leading aviation companies, such as, Air China, Mihin Lanka to name a few.

He said he has enjoyed India, but “Sri Lanka is my home. It is to me paradise. From beaches to nature adventures, wellness, culture, cuisine, shopping…we have it all—-complemented by a warm, smiling and friendly people with a world renowned excellence in hospitality.”

In a brief speech, Jacqueline Fernandez too exhorted Indians to visit Sri Lanka in large numbers.

A group of dancers specially flown in from Colombo performed at the well attended event.

Deccan Odyssey: Romance India by Rail in 2016

Each journey on the Deccan Odyssey is an exploration of India’s diversity, exotic locales and discovery of her timeless traditions; where you breathe in the vibrancy, sounds and colours of India’s cities and her countryside. Mysteries, intrigues unfold as the train snakes her way through royal cities showcasing the opulence and extravagance of the palaces, the traditions and culinary wonders of cities and villages well protected from the sands of time.


Deccan Odyssey, Deccan Odyssey train, Deccan Odyssey luxury train

In 2015, Deccan Odyssey won a string of awards and amongst them are the World Travel Awards for Asia’s leading luxury train and The India Travel Awards for the Best luxury train in India.

The Deccan Odyssey gives you an unhurried and intimate introduction to the grandeur of India.  The traditional is beautifully juxtaposed with the contemporary through vintage cabins, gastronomic cuisines and lively off-board entertainment in each of the deluxe train journeys. Each journey on the Deccan Odyssey is an exploration of India’s diversity, exotic locales and the discovery of timeless traditions. Each journey on the Deccan Odyssey is an exploration of India’s diversity, exotic locales and the discovery of timeless traditions.

Deccan Odyssey insight

Cox & Kings Ltd ,the company which operates it has announced an enticing offer for journeys commencing October 2016.

The offer includes a 7-night journey at the price of 6 nights and would only cost US $ 7188 per couple, per journey, instead of US $ 8386. This also includes a complimentary 60-minute spa session for a couple. The train has been refurbished to reflect the changing needs of the new age traveler. The offer is limited to bookings done on or before 30th April 2016. The early bird offer is to pay for six nights and seventh night is free.

The Deccan Odyssey train boasts of unique features and amenities such as 24*7 Wi-Fi connectivity, cell phones & LCD TVs in every cabin, spa, gym, beauty salon, doctor on call, two restaurants and a bar. Deccan Odyssey has 21 coaches, out of which 12 are passenger cars that can accommodate 8 people per coach (10 passenger / deluxe Cars, 4 coupes per coach – 2 Presidential Suite Cars, 2 coupes per coach), 1 Conference/Entertainment Car, 2 Dining Cars, 2 Generator Cars with Luggage Store, 2 Staff Cars, 1 Spa Car, 1 Bar Car. The capacity of the train is 88 passengers.

Deccan Odyssey 2

The Itineraries set are:

Maharashtra Splendour: (Mumbai – Nashik – Aurangabad (Ellora Caves) – Ajanta Caves – Kolhapur – Goa- Ratnagiri –Mumbai) 7N/8D.

Hidden Treasures of Gujarat: (Mumbai – Vadodara – Palitana – Sasan Gir – Little Rann of Kutch – Modhera (Patan) – Nashik – Mumbai) 7N/8D.

Indian Sojourn (Mumbai – Vadodara – Udaipur – Jodhpur – Agra – Sawai Madhopur – Jaipur – Delhi) 7N/8D.

Indian Odyssey (Delhi – Sawai Madhopur – Agra – Jaipur – Udaipur – Vadodara – Aurangabad (Ellora Caves) – Mumbai) 7N/8D.

Jewels of the Deccan (Mumbai – Bijapur – Aihole – Pattadakal – Hampi – Hyderabad – Ellora Caves – Ajanta Caves – Mumbai) 7N/8D.

Maharashtra Wild Trail (Mumbai – Ellora Caves – Aurangabad – Pench (Ramtek) – Tadoba – Ajanta – Nashik – Mumbai) 7N/8D.

Quintessentially a true Banarasi experience at Brijrama Palace

With such a scenic and pious location on the banks of the holy river Ganga, Brijrama is indeed the jewel of Varanasi. A palatial hotel, which was once the residence of Maharaja Darbanga and his wife, the palace dates back to 1798 and has one of India’s oldest lifts. Telling more about the property’s distinct features and charm, Udit Kumar, Joint Managing Director, 1589 Hotels, shares more.

Mr Udit Kumar, Joint Managing Director, 1589 Hotels

Inputs by Mr. Udit Kumar, Joint Managing Director, 1589 Hotels:

Having taken over the charge of the palace a decade ago, there has been a constant effort to restore the palace to its original charm. The palace is his Grandfather’s much cherished project, who took it upon himself to give this project life. Being the resident of Varanasi himself, it has been completed by him along with the professional guidance of renowned architects. Given the city’s cultural lineage and company’s immense fondness for this city, the location couldn’t have been better.

Hinting upon the property’s uniqueness, Udit says “Brijrama is truly one of a kind. Today, all luxury hotels offer the same services, from personal butlers to a highly efficient and operative concierge. We have all of this and in the luxury segment, such services seldom set properties apart. Our most outstanding feature is the essence of the Varanasi Ghats, undeniably, an exceptional one. The palace is located on the banks of river Ganga, you arrive at the hotel via a Bajra (traditional banarasi boat) on which you are checked in to your room. The F&B outlets of the property overlook the Awe Inspiring view of River, Ghats and the Sunrise to Sunset. Here guests can experience at leisure the Serenity and Heritage of the oldest living city.

He further says, “During its restoration, we came across multiple carvings and sculptures emulating our national bird, the peacock and as a result the palace carries the same theme forward. The Palace has 32 keys, 3 F&B outlets and an Al Fresco venue to accommodate approximately 100 people . Brijrama is a palace which will provide an uber luxury experience to the guest.  We are also keen in restoring the beauty and charm of the ghats and is one of the few fighting for the cleanliness of the holy river Ganga.”

Adding further, Udit shares, “The complete palace has been furnished with pure Banarasi silk. We have come down to the simple things that Varanasi offers and we bring that to our guests, from chai being served in Kulhads to types of thandai and the most famous Aalu ka rassa. The interiors of the palace have been carefully hand painted with primarily gold leaf work to provide royal aesthetics to the guests. There are so many facets that truly set this property apart.  For someone looking to experience Varanasi and luxury; this is definitely a setting where they should be heading to.

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